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Have you ever dreamed of writing a book?

Have you already written a book that’s sitting on your shelf and you’re looking for a new way to sell more copies?

WhizBang! Web Solutions is here to help you every step of the way:

  • Conceptualization
  • Editing
  • Publication
  • Author website
  • eBook conversion
  • Marketing your book online

Self publishing is more attainable than ever with print-on-demand publishing and the growing popularity of eBook readers. You no longer have to print your book at all, or you can only print as you sell copies of your book.

With eBooks, you can throw out your old ideas of what a book should be. Pages are a thing of the past, and the number of screens varies from reader to reader. It’s no longer necessary to go through the drudgery of rejection after rejection from big-time publishers. Your book may never reach a traditional bookstore bookshelf, but you can still sell thousands of copies of your book. In fact, the world’s largest bookstore, Amazon, has no physical storefront whatsoever.

Some things do still hold true:

  • Great content is essential
  • Even eBooks need professional editing
  • Cover art helps to sell books

Start writing your book today! Let WhizBang! Web Solutions help.